AHA Records Request Form

Secondary AHA Training Center Alignment.


Warp Speed CPR is aligned with Emergency Medical Training in Reading, PA.





The AHA allows for dual alignment to better meet your needs.  If your primary training center has an issue, (runs out of certfication cards, goes on vacation, experecences a personal emergency) it shouldn't have to get in the way of you getting your certification cards in a timly manner.


Having a secondary TC can help you keep your students happy.


First you will need to send a Alignment request throw the AHA Instrucrtor Network's Site


> Click, Edit My Profile

> Click, Alignment

> Under the Secondary TC, Click Look Up

> In the TC ID section, type PA04932 

> Click, Search

>  The TC Name, "Exeter Ambulance Association d/b/a Emergency Medical Training" will appear

> Click, Select


Next, you will need to fill out a AHA records request form.  A copy of this form is here please fill it out and set it pack to us.  Both you and your Primary TC will need to fill out parts of this from.  You may mail it to use at 261 Old York Road Suite 603-D  Jenkintown PA 19046 or email it to us at contact@warpspeedcpr.com.  Later we can discuss how card order and payment information

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