Question: Do I need to register?

Answer:Yes. Registering saves you a spot in class. 


Question: Can I pay for the whole class before I arrive?

Answer: Yes. We accept debit cards, credit cards, money orders, and PayPal.


Question: Why do you call it Warp Speed CPR?

Answer: We provide fast, informative, fun classes.  

If you pay for your class in full before the registration deadline you will be handed your certification card after you have succesfully passed the class.

Also "Batman CPR" was taken.


Question: When is the registation deadline? 

Answer: All registeration deadlines are 72 hours before the start of class.


Question: Are your classes for first timers or for re-certification?  

Answer: Both. First time class and re-certification class is the same class.


Question: When will I get my card?

Answer: If you successfully complete the class the instructor can issue you a letter stating that you have successfully completed the course.  Letter are valid for 2 weeks.  Warp Speed CPR will order your card from our local AHA Training Center and mail them to you ASAP.  This process normally takes one week.  If you have not received your card within one please contact us.  


Question: What type of Certification cards do you offer?

Answer: We offer only the best cards from the American Heart Association.


Question: How long does a CPR class take?

Answer: The lenght of the is directly related to the class-size and level of participation.  Call our office for more details.


Question: How do I schedule a private class for my home or job?

Answer: Call or e-mail us.


Question: Do I get a receipt? 

Answer: Yes, we will send you a recept via e-mail or text message.


Question: Do you offer ACLS, PALS, and Blood-Borne Pathogens classes?

Answer: Yes, please call us for more details.


Question: What if I realize I've taken the wrong CPR Class?

Answer: Please see our TERMS OF SERVICE section. Additonal fees may apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

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