Defibrillation is an important component in treating sudden cardiac arrest, and ZOLL AEDs offers to meet the needs of trained personal.  Sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock, but all of them will need high-quality CPR.  ZOLL AEDs include a build-in CPR feedback device.  The Real-time CPR feedback will guide rescuers on the correct depth and rate of chest compressions. Warp Speed CPR and ZOLL are dedicated in helping all CPR Providers in delivering the best attempts at resuscitation.

Why ZOLL AED D-Padz are the best?

Only half of the Sudden Cardiac Arrests outside of a hospital will need a shock from an AED.  To allow the AED to helpful during 100% of Sudden Cardiac Arrests you will need an AED with a built-in CPR feedback device.  ZOLL AED Plus is the only device with the most accurate real-time CPR feedback.  You will need to equip your AED with D-Padz.  These unique pads will allow you to give the most effective CPR compression.  

Free BLS CPR/AED training for your staff with the       purchase of a ZOLL AED Plus

All AED purchases come with a yearly subscription that allows us to keep your device legally compliant

  • Maintain initial and updated written policies and procedures manuals for approval from local medical authorities

  • Registration with your local Emergency Medical Services for all legal compliances

  • Interactive online tracking of expiration dates, placement maps, and readiness check logs.

  • Record keeping that shows monthly reports that the AED functional and ready for use.

  • Reminders via email that AED pads and batteries need to replaced soon.

  • Warp Speed will call to schedule a visit for AED pad and battery replacements.​

  • Post-event data recovery should be completed after every AED activation.

WARP SPEED CPR will only sell the ZOLL AED Plus because it

is the best AED for the public. - Philip G. Gripp (President) 


No other AED has . . .


1) Activation timer since it was turned on 

2) Recorder on the number of shocks that have been delivered

3) CPR compression speed and depth meter  

4) Real-time positive and corrective feedback

For all inquiries regarding initial research, obtaining AED quotes, or questions related to AEDs we will have our ZOLL AED Sales Associate contact you within 2 Business Days.  

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