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The AHA has announced that starting on 1/1/2018 they will only be issuing eCards to students that successfully complete one of their courses.  The issuing of paper cards will be discontinued.


  The AHA claims that eCards will be faster for students to obtain, easier to replace, and more secure the current paper cards. To receive an eCard each student most, submit their own email to the AHA to receive an eCard.  No two students can have the same email address.  Employers cannot use one email to obtain all its employee’s eCard, regardless as to if the employer pays for student certification or not.


 After the Instructor submits your completed status, you will receive an invitation via email from the AHA to access your eCard.  The AHA claims that you will receive your email invitation within 24 hours, on average.




Setting up Dual AHA alignment



The AHA allows Instructors to Align with more than one Training Center (TC).  Warp Speed CPR is a Training Site (TS) under the supervision of Emergency Medical Training Center of Reading.  When you align with TC# PA04932 you will be able to order cards from Warp Speed CPR but they will list Emergency Medical Training Center of Reading as the TC.


The first step you need to complete before we may issue your certification cards is to have a Records Request Form filled out and approved by the AHA.  We can email a copy of this form or get it from the PAM section on the Instructor Network.


**Your Primary TC cannot refuse to fill out their portion of this Form.**


Next, you need to into the Instructor network and request Alignment.


After logging into the AHA Instructor Network select, "Edit My Profile", > "Alignment", > "Secondary Alignment", Click "Look up" and type in "PA04932"




Great Place for Mouthpieces

These mouthpieces are disposable.  They fit nearly any respiratory mask with a standard 15mm ID/22mm OD connectors.  Each mouthpiece is individually wrapped in its own plastic bag for sterilization. This product is intended for one-time use only.




As of 1/31/2019, all manikins used by AHA Instructors must have a feedback device that indicates the students are performing CPR at the correct rate.  Any new mankins purchased by instructors should ensure that they have this feature.  You need to buy additional equipment to update older manikins. 


If you don't wish to purchase these additional pieces or your mankins don't have the ability to be updated.  You may purchase a Compression Rate Monitor that students would wear on their wrists during training. Be sure the wrist device you buy is AHA 2019 complaint. 

Large Ecard Orders 

If you are expecting to teach a large class of students give us one week's notice to be sure we can have the ecards in stock when you order.  We may ask you to pay or cards in advance if your client wishes to get them quickly after class.  A large class size is considered over 10 people for Heart Saver classes or Health Care Provider Classes.   


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